Boosters for Future Leaders by Beltz Bago ( US Payroll Specialist – inDinero )

“Every master was once a disaster.”

~ T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

No one is born a leader.  Every leader starts out as a follower, a student, a listener, and a team player. Becoming a leader does not happen overnight. Knowledge has to be acquired, skills have to be learned, abilities have to be developed and honed. These are some of the constants that pave the way to transforming somebody that people can aspire to be.

A leader has to start somewhere. And being an ace team player first is a fine example. Being someone who does not solely focus on tasks that benefit oneself but for the betterment of the team; being someone who not only dispenses knowledge when asked but inspires other team members to crave self-improvement; being someone who embodies a clear vision of success not only to his/her team but to the company itself; and most importantly, being someone who could harmoniously work with anyone, be it with other teams or the higher-ups, and establish a strong working relationship.

These are the traits of an effective team player.

Individual skills are only as important as interpersonal skills in a team oriented setting.

And the latter skill type has been the focus of the last three seminars that inDinero held on the past three Saturdays (7/18, 7/25 and 8/1) to set up the attendees for success.

ALL TEAM, SAME TEAM: this was the inDinero mantra that our facilitator, Dr Pinky Valdez, instilled in us as we partook on the seminar activities. I felt very privileged to have joined the workshop as I’ve learned a whole lot of practical knowledge that I can incorporate on my daily work.

The three topics were as follows:


Confidence is a structure of success. This was the primary focus of the seminar.

It helped us compile the best practices that we can use to keep up with everyday challenges and help us overcome our fears in expressing our individuality and insights at work.

The activities that Dr Valdez facilitated involved games, exercises, and activities that zeroed in on expressing ourselves confidently, sharing insights, and public speaking where everyone actively participated and had fun.


Good communication for all parties involved is key to make every relationship work.

This has been the focal point of the seminar. But it didn’t only focus on verbal communication however. The learning session taught us to be more perceptive with how the message is conveyed; it discussed the tone of voice, the three communication zones, the do’s and dont’s of verbal and written communication.

Though the seminar was only three hours long, Dr Valdez was able to compress a lot usable information within the said limitation. She taught us about finding our core, understanding our true persona; shared personal stories which, while amusing, was also very informative.

Games, role-playing, even a dance segment took place – everyone had fun.


Diversity is everywhere; it is a fact that we all have to embrace.

A workplace is obviously not an exception. It can be a jungle where personality clashes, work ethics differ, and gossip run rampant in every corner.

The workshop helped us to be more compassionate and understanding to the nuances of our co-workers; it helped us be more perceptive with everyone’s attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses, in order to be a lot more open minded and forgiving with one another; it helped us empathize and accept each others individuality, focusing on the notion that every person counts.

These are to help us maintain a peaceful work environment. It goes to show that if people are comfortable with their work environment, it’ll encourage them to do their best at work.

Sticking true with one of inDinero’s core values, Learning and Development, I feel very blessed to be working for a company that encourages self-improvement to set its employees to be future leaders and innovators in our respective teams.

I can’t wait for the next set of seminars as I am sure that it’ll cover more expansive and interesting topics that will just be as informative and fun like this.

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