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DevCon 2015


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inDinero will be partnering with DevCon Philippines and will be one of the sponsors to the upcoming DevCon Summit on November 13-14, 2015 at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia.

We will be setting up a booth and will give freebies to every one. We are very excited to see you all there!

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Learning with inDinero Philippines

“All leaders are learners…” Rick Warren

Working with the InDinero Philippines Leadership team in 2019 was a great experience. I was so impressed by how closely I was able to collaborate with the leadership team, in discussing learning outcomes and objectives, getting sign-off for the design of the modules and activities, and in doing an in depth review of the impact of the learning projects.

The learners from InDinero Philippines are a joy to work with. They actively took part in the discussions, participated in the learning games, completed their post workshop activities, and brought real-work examples to the discussion. Even the leadership team made themselves available to observe the learning sessions, and understand the learning content so they could help reinforce the behaviors and capabilities back in the office.

Over-all the InDinero Philippines team deserves recognition for learning and development accomplishments.

Ryan “KC” Buenafe
Learning Consultant

Why inDinero? Simple — People, Proficiency and Perks.

People in inDinero are really close and tight-knit. They have a friendly environment that promotes camaraderie and work-life balance allowing employees to work effectively and have fun. There’s an open culture that discourages intolerant, hateful or negative attitudes. Everyone is like a family to me.
Proficiency of employees is important in inDinero. They conduct regular training’s and seminars that develop and add value to employees’ skill set. A healthy environment for learning and growth. Management takes a dedicated yet weighted and scientific approach to employees feedback and listens to everyone at every level. Clients are US-based so you’ll really improve your communications skills!
Perks are great in inDinero. From free lunch on Wednesdays, to Pa-Pandesal on Thursdays, to Happy hour (delicious food and fun games) on Fridays. They also have a generous pantry which serves beverage and food that are good until supplies last, all for FREE! They have yearly events like Summer outing, Sportsfest, Company Christmas and Year-End parties. Not to mention that those things were provided on top of your competitive salary and benefits package (wink).
inDinero is still a growing company and I am so excited what it could offer me in the near future. Like a “coal”, this small business is working its way to the top to become a “diamond”. Ambitious as it may sound but attainable. It will always be an honor for me to work here and witness this company grow. Thank you, inDinero!

Loyd Sanchez
Tax Specialist

Act As One Team.
I see this everywhere in the office! People work in synergy. Communication barriers are taken down as much as possible so as to optimize coordination and cooperation between the teams. As such, exceptional results are produced. And of course, such unity is not confined to the workplace alone. Since people have had the chance to work with the folks from the other teams, events are more enjoyable and exciting. Fun is existent! Everyone can mingle with one another. Amazing Race, Halloween parties, doing charitable works, among others. inDinero is a living testament to the concept of “work-life balance”. The workload may never end, but you get to have fun at the same time. #INDINEROPH

Jossie Resma
Software Engineer


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