Happy birthday to #thebestbossever

by inDinero Admin posted on Tue, Nov 3, 2015

inDinero, once again, had fun in the sun— I mean despite the storm. October 17, the inDInero team went to Canyon Cove for an overnight team bonding and to celebrate the Birthday of the coolest boss there is.

Just like every company outing of inDinero, we all had a blast. The culture committee prepared games and everyone participated even if its raining hard outside. The employees became cheerleaders, the teams became tag of war masters and charades experts. Yes, our games are simple, very common and may be boring for some, but for the inDinero family, these are the most exciting, challenging and rewarding activities ever.

It is not just stormy outside, it is also raining food, booze and fun inside the resort. After the day’s fun and games, the inDinero employees prepared a surprise birthday celebration for our President, Jose. Jose deserves every single effort we put into the preparation for the surprise because he values us as employees, as we always say, he is the best boss ever. He supports our learning and self development, he treats everyone equally, he is just with his decisions and he is a brother to everyone. Each team came up with a surprise birthday gift that we presented that night. It feels good that we saw that he appreciated all our efforts and he was thankful, not just for the presents, but for the gift of happiness his employees are giving him.

We always hear that employees are more likely to stay in a company where they are in a good relationship with their boss. No wonder why inDinero employees stay. We integrate work with fun, we value excellence and we treat each other as a family. We live our “All Teams, Same Team” core value, we are treated with respect by the management and we feel that we matter.

Our October outing reminds me that I am blessed to be in this company. Here at inDinero, I am heard. I am appreciated. I learned. I grew. The birthday celebration of our President is not just about him, it is about all of us who are grateful to have him as a brother, a friend, a teammate, a leader, the best boss ever.

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