“Happy Hour” in a Jurassic World

by inDinero Admin posted on Wed, Jul 4, 2018

by Ana Fe Garcia (US Accountant, Cebu)

Happy Hour Extreme of inDinero Cebu was a movie date. The Culture Committee decided to have a break in competing with each other’s teams. Instead, they chose to just relax and enjoy a show. We had chosen the movie Jurassic World because we wanted to experience a thrilling adventure with the dinosaurs. These type of animals are indeed amazingly famous even though no one had really seen them in reality. Thanks to technology, at least you got to see them as if they really exist in our time.

We were able to reserve seats at Robinson’s Galleria Cebu for our movie dated June 8, 2018. This cinema was known to be one of the nicest cinemas here in the Queen City of the South.

The movie Jurassic World was a great pick. It was a science fiction film that was full of adventure. During the movie, we were able to scream, laugh, give comments and got thrilled as if we were also there with the casts. Millennials love thrilling adventures so we all enjoyed the movie while munching some popcorn.

The cinema was also a great choice because it was all our first time to watch a movie there and first times are always memorable.

Since food is life, we cannot call it a day without ending it with a dinner. As a trivia, Indinero Cebu employees love Jollibee, so we were happily satisfied with our chicken, rice and fries. It was all worth it! We had an EXTREMEly HAPPY HOUR adventure in the Jurassic World! Cheers to more HHX events!

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