How I spent my Internship at inDinero Manila

by inDinero Admin posted on Wed, Aug 15, 2018

First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who have welcomed, educated, and helped me throughout my time at inDinero. To Daniel Villablanca and Mariano Corral for personally ensuring that I had a productive and educational internship and an incredible experience in the Philippines, to Jose Villa-Real for hosting me, and to the entire inDinero team for being so friendly and inclusive during my time here. You have all made this internship and my time with pod 6 a fantastic experience.

Thank you.

During my time at inDinero I learned a tremendous amount about Filipino culture, communicating effectively with overseas offices, and the accounting industry as a whole. From the first day I felt extremely welcome in the office and pod 6; there were a lot of people more than willing to help me, teach me, and include me in meetings, lunches, and hangouts after work. I was genuinely thrilled to be included in the pod 6 outing at Sundowners Vacation Villas and office trip to see Mission Impossible.

The attitude at inDinero is very much “work hard play hard”. Every day, everyone is working very hard to make sure they are doing the best they can. The whole team is extremely organized and everyone goes out of his or her way to be supportive, efficient, and professional. As I mentioned before, the company fostered a positive environment after work hours for group outings, but there were also free lunches on Wednesdays and Happy Hour Fridays and I had a great time here.

I would definitely recommend an internship at inDinero. There is a tremendous amount of accounting and finance experience to be had here, and as a newcomer to Filipino culture I was blown away with how friendly everyone was.

Photos by: Adam Magat

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to my experience in the Philippines! I’ll miss you all!


by: Kyle Robinson

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