InDinero celebrates All Hallows’ Eve

by inDinero Admin posted on Mon, Jan 5, 2015

Last All Hallows’ Eve, the inDinero Makati team embarked in probably one of the most fun office events of the year – the annual Halloween party.

As early as 7 AM, the office already looked like a theme park with several individuals donning their best impersonations of fairytale heroines, movie characters, and a bunch of artistic face paint impressions. The data guys stood out the most as they went for a team-wide parody of 300 with their improvised swords, helmets, and red capes. They looked pretty badass! Xerxes would have trembled in fear if he saw our own version of Leonidas and his army of 300.

Come afternoon, the games began – with the Yellow, Red, and Green Teams seeking vengeance over the Blue Team who incidentally won 1st place in the last company sports fest. The teams warmed up with a chaotic game of scavenger hunt and ended with a face paint competition. The Green Team imitated Jigsaw from the movie Saw. The character was introduced with frightening vocal effects which made them bagged the scariest team. However, the final tally showed the Blue Team as the overall champion (Again!).

Snacks and drinks were served after the games with a karaoke machine set-up for everyone’s entertainment. inDinero team members belted out some tunes from the 80’s, 90’s, and some current hits and showed their “X Factor/The Voice” singing prowess.

Overall it was a fun-filled (and loud!) event. The other teams are definitely looking forward to snatch the title from Blue Team in the next company event. (Blue Team better watch out!)

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