Loyd Sanchez

Why inDinero? Simple — People, Proficiency and Perks.

People in inDinero are really close and tight-knit. They have a friendly environment that promotes camaraderie and work-life balance allowing employees to work effectively and have fun. There’s an open culture that discourages intolerant, hateful or negative attitudes. Everyone is like a family to me.
Proficiency of employees is important in inDinero. They conduct regular training’s and seminars that develop and add value to employees’ skill set. A healthy environment for learning and growth. Management takes a dedicated yet weighted and scientific approach to employees feedback and listens to everyone at every level. Clients are US-based so you’ll really improve your communications skills!
Perks are great in inDinero. From free lunch on Wednesdays, to Pa-Pandesal on Thursdays, to Happy hour (delicious food and fun games) on Fridays. They also have a generous pantry which serves beverage and food that are good until supplies last, all for FREE! They have yearly events like Summer outing, Sportsfest, Company Christmas and Year-End parties. Not to mention that those things were provided on top of your competitive salary and benefits package (wink).
inDinero is still a growing company and I am so excited what it could offer me in the near future. Like a “coal”, this small business is working its way to the top to become a “diamond”. Ambitious as it may sound but attainable. It will always be an honor for me to work here and witness this company grow. Thank you, inDinero!