Michael Zeta

InDinero helps me become a HERO from ZERO.
I was a Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) survivor who only has his family after everything else was wiped out. As a graduate of BS-Office Administration, I applied at InDinero to take the chance of getting back a normal life. Turns out, the life I’m getting is far more than I expected.
I started as a Data Specialist where I did financial accounts recon most of the time. Amazingly, InDinero has everything I need (i.e. in-depth trainings, powerful software, great culture) to advance my career to the next level. Right now, I am an experienced Accounting Associate who is able to do the whole accounting process including BS/PL review for over 30 clients monthly. Aside from the technical skills, I also learned the needed values (i.e. smart spending) with the right colleagues. Modesty aside, I am able to buy a house in Manila, a lot in Tacloban and able to support my graduating brother.
That’s my humble story which wouldn’t be possible without InDinero!