Normand Miranda

“InDinero is not just a company. InDinero is HOME.”
When I was starting my career as an accountant years ago, I’m really looking for a company where I can treat as my second home since most of my time will be spend working. Luckily, when I entered inDinero, I’ve experienced all of these:

1. My bosses as my parents. They were the north star to all my learnings. They have guided and supported me all through out my stay in the company. Just like my biological parents, they could be strict sometimes but all for your own sake. They are there not just on your proudest moments but they always serve as a cushion when you fall. They’re the best. ♥️

2. My colleagues as my siblings. InDinero offers brotherhood in all aspects. The best group of people I have met. Always there to support and to lend a helping hand. The people with the right balance of knowledge, skills and “kalokohans”.

3. My staff as my offsprings. They taught and are still teaching me how to be a leader. Every moment they push me to be the very best I can be. Thank you guys for everything and I will always be here for you.

4. My company as my HOME. The one who witnessed how I’ve started my career, provided me breakthrough in my chosen profession. They are living witnesses to all my struggles and hardships. The key to my success and the molder of who I am today.

With that, I will be forever thankful and grateful. Thank you inDinero.……