Work Hard, Play Hard. Or maybe not.

by inDinero Admin posted on Wed, Oct 22, 2014

My 8 years of working taught me that there is a balance to be made between work and play. Work is something that you have to continue doing your whole life- whether it is an actual job or chores around the house. But I realized that if you put in the hours of everyday by doing something productive, not only do you feel like you’ve accomplished something, but you have also earned your opportunity to play. Mark Twain once said “Work is a necessary evil to be avoided” and it might be true. Work cannot be done by setting it aside for time to play. Work is done best when play is part of work.

I recently joined inDinero and I wasn’t really expecting that it would teach me something so soon. We’d rather have work-life integration than work hard play hard attitude. Work is play and play is work, and we take playing seriously. I have learned that if you look at work like that, you are motivated to work harder, faster. What sometimes might look like work, to us, is actually an opportunity to grow and learn.
Hard work is a key element in today’s world. It affects your position in the work environment, and is a game changer on whether or not you can finish a hard task. Without hard work, we could get nowhere in life. And so how much luckier can we get if we can be in a company where hard work is integrated with play? With happy hours? With a great working environment?

Maybe it’s time for you to find out and see for yourself. Play with us. Work with us. Learn with us. Grow with us.

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